The gift of independence – at Hotel INNdependence

Our name describes our special purpose: an “inn” is a guest house of moderate size. Guests are greeted warmly and great care is taken for their comfort and well-being. Good food, pleasant encounters and loving details throughout the house make up the unique ambiance.

“Independence” is just the feeling we want to give our guests, especially those living with an impairment. And at the same time our guests give our employees their own deserved sense of independence.

The principle of INNdependence

When you stay at Hotel INNdependence, you are a part of a social enterprise. The people working here who have impairments are given tasks tailored to their abilities – so they can work just like any other person, side-by-side in a colorful team.

Independence for our employees

Having a job is an essential aspect of an independent lifestyle. For our employees with disabilities, working in Hotel INNdependence provides structure to their days and weeks, guarantees an independent income, strengthens personal skills and provides social recognition.

When dealing with guests and colleagues, employees with a disability experience their efforts as a vital part of the economic world around them – that their contribution matters.

INNdependence for our guests

Our guests profit from this principle of freedom as well. At Hotel INNdependence people with disabilities are received with open hands and open hearts – a mindset that seems naturally to carry over to all of our guests. That means no puzzled looks when checking in. Instead there is active support wherever it is desired and rooms that can be tailored to your needs.

Can you feel the difference?

We sense a very special atmosphere in Hotel INNdependence. We simply give more in terms of interpersonal contact: more honesty, more attention, more appreciation. In short, more human touch.

Dear guests,

Due to official requirements and travel restrictions, our hotel will remain completely closed until April 20, 2020. You can still make your room bookings after this time directly on our homepage. We can also be reached by phone during the day.

Please take care of yourself and others. We look forward to your visit after these difficult times.