gpe – Gesellschaft für psychosoziale Einrichtungen

Hotel INNdependence is a social integration enterprise of gpe (Gesellschaft für psychosoziale Einrichtungen – “Organization for Psychosocial Institutions”) in Mainz, a service-oriented, mid-size socially active company. More than 200 employees of the gpe work for medical, social and professional rehabilitation and integration of people with predominantly psychological illness and disabilities.


Hotel INNdependence can help you with the following services of gpe:

  • buying and ordering bookbinding services
  • laundry service (commercial)
  • tailoríng


Social enterprises of gpe in Mainz and surrounding area

  • Citadelle – Bistro · Café · Restaurant
  • Gasthof Grün
  • Zu Tisch  cafeterias in the municipal buildings “Rathaus”, “Stadthaus” and “Zitadelle”
  • natürlich  organic food stores in Mainz and Ingelheim
  • CAP  grocery stores in Mainz and Jugenheim
  • Mollywood  first- and second-hand fashion for larger sizes


Other services of gpe

For more information about the following services, please contact gpe Mainz directly at +49 6131 - 66940 10

  • bookbinding
  • druck+schick’s (office printer’s and mailing services)
  • assembly and packing services
  • tailoring
  • carpentry
  • drycleaner and laundry

Dear guests,

Due to Corona regulation, we are currently only allowed to accept business travelers.
Travel for special occasions, for example for medical reasons, is also possible.
Tourist trips are explicitly prohibited.

We ask you to tell us the reason for your arrival so that we can legally accommodate you.
This regulation is provisionally valid until December 21st, 2020.

Thank you for your understanding!